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About Clubhouse For Kids


Infant & Toddler Program

photoClubhouse For Kids provides an environment to meet the individual needs of a child’s developmental stage. The program will offer a warm and nurturing atmosphere with loving and caring providers.

Next to parents, the caregiver is the most important element in learning for infants and toddlers. Teachers will hold, sing, and play with children so they can develop skills in large and small muscle development. We provide safe areas for our non-mobile infants, yet one in which they can still see what is going on around them.

2-5 year old Educational Philosophy

Clubhouse For Kids provides a program that promotes a place for growth and learning. The staff will implement a curriculum that will help children to socialize, respect others, and develop a high self-esteem.


Our program's main objective is to enhance a child's identity in order to develop a positive self-esteem and self-image. Children will have daily opportunities to express themselves by interacting with other children and adults including those who are different from him or her in order to practice acceptance of individual differences.

  • Teachers will help children feel they are of value through teacher interaction and planned activities. The activities are designed and developed to build self-esteem and positive feelings toward themselves and learning.

  • To encourage creative expression, children are given opportunities to be original and to make use of equipment and materials in a way not prescribed by others.

  • Each classroom teacher will provide an environment to meet the children's needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas including physical, social, emotional, and intellectual.

  • Children are able to select many of their own activities from a variety of learning areas, including dramatic play, blocks, science, math, games and puzzles, books, art and music.

  • To develop large and small muscle skills, children are given daily opportunities to run, jump, pay outdoors, use pegboards, puzzles, paint, cut, and other similar activities.


4K Program

Clubhouse for Kids is excited to be a partner with the Middleton-Cross Plains School District in offering a 4K Program at our two locations. The 4K program is available to all four-year-old children who reside in the MCPASD. The program is designed on meeting the skills needed for learning, cooperation, and positive social relationships. The 4K offers a morning and afternoon session, Monday-Friday. The morning hours are from 9:00-11:30 (bus transportation offered only for the morning session). The afternoon hours are from 12:15-2:45.


Before & After School Program for school age Children

CFK provides an exceptional quality before and after school program that compliments your child’s school experience. CFK offers a brilliant learning environment that provides real challenges for growing kids. Individual Responsibility, Self Discovery, Creativity, Generosity and Collaboration are the foundations for creating a safe and secure after school setting that supports the children’s growing needs and skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

The program will provide quality childcare that parents can rely upon throughout the school year. CFK provides after school services for children enrolled in Park and Sunset Ridge Elementary Schools and St. Francis and St. Peters ages 5-10 years of age. Transportation is provided to and from the center by the Middleton-Cross Plains buses.

The curriculum offers a variety of hands-on, planned activities, recreation and games, arts and crafts, academics including reading and homework, music, and a balance of quiet and free playtime for kids to pursue their own interests in a friendly atmosphere.


Summer Camp Program for School age Children

The summer program is based on safe, creative, and active choices that are directly related to children’s interests. We serve children from age 5 through 10 years in a fun-loving and energetic atmosphere. We focus on acceptance and compassion of others along with an emphasis on personal growth. We implement these goals through active and cooperative games, weekly field trips and new alternative arts and crafts.


Sample Daily Schedule for Preschoolers

6:30 Center opens, quiet play, parent provided breakfast
7:30 Free-play, staff selected activities
8:30 Clean up and hand washing
9:00 Snack
9:30 Planned activities Story time, music, finger plays Calendar, weather, group learning activity, projects, games, writing, sensory
10:45 Indoor or outdoor play (weather permitting)
11:15 Lunch
11:45 Story Time and lay out sleeping bags
12:15 Nap or rest period (Quiet activities for those who don’t nap)
2:30 Clean-up nap stuff and wash for snack
3:00 Snack
3:30 Group activity followed by centers

Indoor or outdoor play (weather permitting)

6:00 Center closes



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